Pillow anti pluck / tear - Cordura

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A good semi-soft pillow with extra strong Cordura as a cover.

This is a solution for individuals who are compulsively trying to rip or pick, out of boredom at night due to frequent waking or just having the uncontrollable urge.

Since this one is stronger anyway and double stitched, the trigger becomes less and they won't pick or tear the pillow.

Cordura fabric is strong, yet remains breathable and permeable.

The Cordura fabrics are made from a nylon 6.6fibers made and its general characteristic is that it can withstand heavy loads.

The fabric is used for suitcases, backpacks, shoes and military clothing. The material is resistant to abrasion (wear from abrasion), tearing and resistant to rough handling.

Washable at 60°

Suitable for individuals with:

-compulsive behavior

-tearing behavior

-Picking behavior

Dimension: 40 cm x 60 cm