Body t-shirt 2 in1 green game

Van: 19.95

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A comfortable Body/Rromper 2 in 1, this body/romper is made so that the top looks like a t-shirt, yet attached to the bottom.

The stretch fabric is of high quality. So can easily be washed frequently at 60°.

Features 2 snaps in the front, such that it can be easily put over the head when dressing.

Because it is in 1 piece, it is more difficult to undress oneself.

Closure between the legs through sturdy snaps.

Thus, it is used with individuals who have compulsive undressing behavior.

This can take away the trigger to undress themselves or to easily access the diaper in case of any smearing behavior.

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This item is eligible for reimbursement at VAPH 

Suitable for 

  • people with undressing behavior
  • people with mental disabilities
  • people with incontinence problems

95% Cotton, 5% Elastane