Rolstoel capes-rolstoeljas-voetenzak

Rolstoel capes-rolstoeljas-voetenzak

Custom jackets and capes

Gozz4all makes custom (wheelchair) jackets and capes. We think it is important that everyone can look fashionable. Besides that the jackets are very comfortable and practical, ideal when you are in a wheelchair. Especially the latter is different for everyone, that is why we at Gozz4all offer the possibility to adjust the jackets and capes to your needs.

The custom jackets and capes are tailor-made for you if necessary. You can think of a specific length for wheelchair users or a closure at the back so it is easy to put on and take off.

Your custom coat or cape

We specialize in making clothing for people with disabilities. Finding a well-fitting coat or cape that suits your daily actions is not always easy. This we experience ourselves too. Therefore, in addition to ordering custom jackets and capes, it is also possible to order other made-to-measure clothing order from us.

Order your customized clothing

We leveren écht maatwerk. Zo is het dus ook mogelijk om jouw maten middels een huisbezoek op te laten nemen. Vervolgens gaan we voor jouw aan de slag met de aangepaste jassen en capes. We verkopen de aangepaste jassen en cape in zes winkels en verzenden naar diverse landen.

In addition to custom jackets and capes, we also offer sleepwear, bodies and bibs custom. Are you not looking for clothing but for other handy tools tailored to your needs? Take a look at our website.

Have you found a custom coat or cape that you like? Or are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact contact with us, we will be happy to inform you about this!