No matter how much you are counting the days until your little prince or princess is born, when your baby is born prematurely your world is shaking on its foundations. Nothing is as you had anticipated, medical exams quickly follow with short intervals, fear and insecurity alternate with the joy of giving birth to your little darling.

You would just love to simply hold your baby for a while, feed it a bottle or get it dressed and just enjoy spending some time together. But where can you find clothes that tiny? And what about all those tubes and hoses? You did not expect it to be this way.

For those moments, we wanted to offer a solution.

Our jumpsuits, pyjamas and pants made from pleasantly soft fabrics, providing a cuddly safety to even the tiniest of babies. And we provide the same comfort for those brave little fighters restrained by feeding tubes or drops.

Our collection is available for little heroes 800 grams and up.