Wheelchair Jackets

Modern and comfortable wheelchair jackets

We want you to feel comfortable and fashionable. This is reflected in our collection wheelchair jackets on our webshop. We like to look at current trends and respond to them. For example, we have a diverse range of modern wheelchair jackets: from a cool bomber jacket to a trendy teddy coat. Our wheelchair jackets are easy to put on and take off thanks to the practical closures and are available in various lengths. We have beautiful jackets for both women and men in our current collection.

Tailored with care for you

Have you found a nice wheelchair jacket on our webshop, but there are adjustments needed to make it completely to your liking? No problem! We make custom clothing for you. You can easily submit your request for a customized wheelchair jacket through our form or by calling us at +32 475 86 94.

Our story

The inspiration behind the creation of Gozz4all is Elke. Elke was born prematurely but grew into a hefty baby. It soon became clear that her development was not as expected and she was diagnosed with Phelan-McDermid 22q13 deletion syndrome. This means that she is missing a piece of chromosome which causes her to lag behind in her development. Finding hip and functional clothing for Elke proved to be a difficult task. With the idea of making the search for fashionable clothing for people with disabilities easier, Gozz4all was founded. Until today Elke is the inspiration for our collection.

Check out our collection!

Curious about our beautiful wheelchair jackets collection inspired by Elke? Then take a look at our webshop or come to one of our 6 stores and find your perfect wheelchair jacket