Sleeping bags in large sizes

Sleeping bags in large sizes

A flexible sleeping bag available with no, short or long sleeves.

This can be used for all ages for smearing and undressing behavior or if a quilt or sheet is not tolerated, they still lie warm.

This gives more peace of mind, a safer feeling and better sleep.

The zipper can be on the front or back, as well as the closure can be chosen: close from bottom to top or top to bottom.

With different thicknesses of thermal padding according to the season. You can choose these freely.

There are snaps to shorten the sleeping bag if needed, so if your child is still growing, it can be adjusted as needed.

Features a sturdy zipper from the Kroko brand.

This is not an anti-tear - pick fabric, if you need a sleeping bag that is extra strong, it can be supplied in the fabric Cordura. If you need more info about this, please send an email to, we are happy to help!

Had you desired any other modification:

Takes into account 5% shrinkage


Fabric: 100%cotton terry cloth

Lining: to choose