Anti tear/Anti pluck

Anti tear clothing

Looking for sturdy clothing for someone with biting or tearing behavior? Gozz4all has the solution. We use cordura. This is the highest quality anti tear fabric. From this we make, among other things T-shirts, tear-off suits and bedding

Customized anti tear clothing

Also for the anti-tear clothing, it is possible to custom to be made. For this you can always contact us by, without obligation, a quotation to request from us. 

The clothing is meant to serve you. Therefore, we make sure that the anti tear clothing is comfortable and functional. Thanks to the zipper on the back, it is very easy for the caregiver to use. The zipper is carefully incorporated into the suit so that no irritation can occur. 

Because clothing can be not only functional, but also fashionable and beautiful, we also offer a variety of colors.

Inclusiveness and accessibility

We ship the anti tear clothing to various countries. In addition, you can find us in six stores in: Ghent, Oudenaerde, Roeselare, Zottegem, Lichterveld and Leuven.

Don't have the possibility to come to us? Or would you like to have the clothing measured to size? We are happy to come to you for a customization request. For the possibilities contact with us! Our specialists will think with you.