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My youngest daughter Elke was born preterm, but after a tense start she did grow to become a big baby. However, we started noticing that her development didn’t go as was expected, and after a string of visits to the doctors and many examinations, she was ultimately diagnosed with Phelan-McDermid 22q13 deletion syndrome. She misses a certain piece of chromosome which causes her development to be delayed: speech is absent, taking steps is difficult, she needs to wear a diaper, etc. This means that a lot of everyday things, like finding diapers, suitable clothing or the right bed, are a huge challenge. And those were exactly the things that planted the seed for Gozz.


For me, Sebastiaan, my motive is my sister Liesbeth. I remember the stress and frustration, of both Liesbeth and my mother, when a long afternoon spent in cramped fitting rooms in busy shops once again did not result in coming home with nice clothes. The things she liked often weren’t suitable model-wise or weren’t very user-friendly, which very much limited her options…

Since then, almost 20 years have passed and Liesbeth has grown into a fantastic young woman who supports our initiative for a full 100 percent!

When we met, we noticed that, at all times, very little has changed in this area: The quest for functional attire that was colourful and fashionable remained a continuous task. This gave us the depression to get the hands out of the sleeves and to start Gozz4kids. If you want to know what ideas each and Liesbeth inspired us, check out Our collection. Hopefully you are as enthusiastic as we are!

Do you have questions about our collection or do you have an idea for a specific adjustment? Let us know via info@gozz.be or on our Facebook Gozz

Warm regards,
Cindy and Sebastiaan