Our story

Hello, very nice of you to take the time to read our story!

Elke was born premature but after an exciting start she grew into a big baby. Soon, however, we noticed that her development was not going as expected, and a whole series of doctor visits and tests later, the diagnosis finally followed: she suffers from Phelan-McDermid 22q13 deletion syndrome.

She is missing a piece of chromosome that makes her developmentally delayed: talking is not possible, walking is difficult, she wears a nappy, etc. This makes very mundane things like finding nappies, appropriate clothing or a suitable bed a challenge. And it was these findings that sparked the idea for Gozz. We noticed that very little had apparently changed in this area in all this time: the search for functional clothing that was nevertheless colourful and fashionable remained a continuous task. This prompted us to roll up our sleeves ourselves and start Gozz4All.

If you want to know what ideas Elke inspired us to, be sure to check out our collection. Hope you are as excited as we are!

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Kind regards,Team GOZZ